makeup artist brush belt

Our professional brush belt with 25 handcrafted iconic brushes to master any make up look.

Face/Eye Brush Set

Classic - Silver ferrule with a black wooden handle. Black brush clutch with silver details.



Organization Love

Make all your dreams come true of a professional brush collection neatly organized in a brush belt.

Pro Kit

Spacious, professional makeup brush belt including a variety of makeup brushes for all your favorite looks.

Includes 25 Brushes

Including 10 face and 15 eye brushes.

Hand-made brushes

For high quality and durability of your brushes.

Store All your Favorites

Help you to neatly organize all your favorite brushes, tools and makeup products.

Pro Tip

Brushes with pure synthetic hair apply best liquid, gel, cream and powder textures. Brushes with a natural-synthetic hair blend best apply and blend powders.

What Is It?

Master any makeup technique with our ZOEVA Make Up Artist Brush Belt, a professional brush belt it including 25 brushes for face and eyes. Handcrafted with love, the brushes in this professionel collection are either made of pure synthetic hair or a blend of natural-syntehtic hair to help create all your favorite makeup looks. Thanks to its smart design featuring multiple pockets, this professional bag allows to neatly hold your favorite brushes and smaller makeup items, such as mascara, liners and more. Content: 25 Brushes + 1 Brush Belt, Designed in Germany. Traditionally handcrafted. Made in China. Product Code: SBB25B1

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